Love, books, shuttlecocks, helping garbage-collector kids

Description: This article was published by the Belgian Embassy in the Belgian Embassy Newsletter of February 2018
Mid-February in Bekasi, the Embassy visited one of ten locations where Yayasan (NGO) Bintang Kidul offers sport, educational and recreational activities for kids from very underprivileged communities, in this case especially families of garbage collectors.
Compatriot Dominique and her wonderful team use badminton, and books, and games, and care, and love to try and prevent dozens of great kids all over Java and in Sumatra from dropping out of school and offer them a better, safer, future…
Serious training on the badminton court, and quiet, caring time (and food and vitamins) in the library also intend to preserve them – one child at the time – from the dangers of extreme precarity.
Discover the projects and do not hesitate to contact Dominique if you feel you can help. Books, games, jigsaw puzzles, badminton rackets, shoes and shuttlecocks – and indeed sponsorships, are welcome.

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