Our main partners are the French charity NGO Solibad and the Decathlon Foundation. 

Solibad’s name is a contraction of “Badminton and Solidarity”. Solibad acts around the values of sport and solidarity, with the objective to pool human and financial resources within the badminton community in France and internationally, in order to lead and support humanitarian projects around the world. 
Solibad strongly believes that giving is also receiving and makes sure that whatever they do is done in a joyful spirit. Badminton is a sport, but it is also a game. And they want to have fun while collecting money, so that it is a « win-win » situation for those who collect the money and for those who benefit from the programs. This notion is very important to Solibad, and they do not wish to be feeling like they are making sacrifices in order to help other people. 
We have been partners with Solibad since the beginning of our journey and we thank them enormously for their continued help and support.

The Decathlon Foundation is also based in France and uses sports as its lever of action for equal opportunity. The Foundation was designed by the employees of the Decathlon company and it spreads its solidarity projects through its teammates. It is based on two fundamental pillars: the Human and Sport. The Foundation believes that sport unites and reunites and through their actions, they aim to offer to as many people as possible the chance to thrive thanks to sport and its values. They aspire to combine sports, health, education and employability. 
Our partnerships began at the end of 2020 and aims at enabling our underprivileged youth to improve their health, develop their life skills and to access employment. With this partnership and that of Solibad, we aspire to double the number of young badminton players in our existant teams and through new ones also, in the coming year. We also extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to the Decathlon Foundation and to Decathlon Indonesia for their trust and support in our actions. 

Our Other Partners
We have been very fortunate to receive the support of other companies such as Badminton Bay, the largest online badminton store in Malaysia. Forza, the Danish badminton equipment brand as well as Flypower Arbi, an Indonesian badminton company. They have all been very supportive over the years. Thank you to them all!

Our Student Sponsors
On the scholarships side, we offer part and complete help, support and mentoring to underprivileged youth who would otherwise not be able to continue their education or would not be able to receive specialised therapies. The scholarships, mentoring and support are given at every level of education, from KG to University, and the specialised therapies may be within any field of child and youth development. Every youth who benefits has a sponsor who participates in the financial costs and with whom he/she communicates on a regular basis. Both youth and sponsors are individually selected. We would struggle to help individual children with their academic education if we didn’t have our student sponsors, so a huge thank you to you all! 

If you would also like to help a very underprivileged student, please contact us.