Bintang Kidul is a registered foundation, legally established in March 2016. It falls under the authority of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

The Bintang Kidul Foundation defines its mission as supporting and encouraging the empowerment of children, young people and adults to help them build a better life and a better future. It builds on the belief that opportunity for quality education is a universal right and that it is our duty, as human beings, to help each other, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or gender. Our work is done with humility and with the deepest respect for local customs and cultures.

Who runs the Bintang Kidul Foundation?
The Bintang Kidul Foundation is run in accordance with the Ministry. It has a Board of Patrons, a Board of Management and a Board of Supervisors. Its activities are run by local project coordinators and an administration manager. This small team is composed of dedicated and dynamic individuals with a passion and a deep sense of team-working and people skills. We try to be proactive, flexible and open, humble and respectful of local beliefs, heritage and traditions.
Good communication and transparency are the underlying foundations of our opus operandi.

Financial Resources
To achieve the aims and objectives of the Foundation and in accordance with the law, the Bintang Kidul Foundation may raise funds through unbinding donations or assistance.
We receive funds from private donors, partner associations, from NGOs and companies. The Foundation will also raise funds through donations at our events.

Budget and Yearly Financial Report
These are reported on due time, every year, to the relevant authorities.

Sponsoring, Friends and Partners
The BKF has several partnerships with individuals, associations and institutions around the world. It also receives donations from friends in and outside Indonesia.
All donations go directly to the field and to our projects, with administrative and operational costs kept at a strict minimum.
We are very grateful for all contributions, help and support. You all make a difference.