Our partner is the French charity SOLIBAD. Their name is a contraction of “Badminton and Solidarity”. Solibad acts around the values ??of sport and solidarity, with the objective to pool human and financial resources within the badminton community in France and abroad, in order to lead and support humanitarian projects around the world.

Solibad strongly believes that giving is also receiving and makes sure that whatever they do is done in a joyful spirit. Badminton is a sport, but it is also a game. And they want to have fun while collecting money, so that it is a « win-win » situation for those who collect the money and for those who benefit from the programs. This notion is very important to Solibad, and they do not wish to be feeling like they are making sacrifices in order to help other people. 

We have been partners with Solibad since the beginning of our journey and we thank them enormously for their continued support.