Bintang Kidul Foundation gives special attention to every one of your donations and contributions. Everything we receive goes directly to the projects, with administrative costs consciously maintained at a minimum.
If you are interested in donating to BKF or to specific programs within the Foundation you may donate via PayPal or wire transfer to the following account:
703275759300 a/n Bintang Kidul 

Bintang Kidul Paypal

The BKF supports fund raising activities outside the foundation and welcomes your help to support its projects.
Organize your own fund raising activity to support our projects.
If you are interested in organizing your event, please reach out to one of our team members for guidance at
We welcome volunteers who speak Indonesian and/or English fluently. Please try to come to us with a specific skill you would like to share with the children and youth.  Send us your motivation letter. Next, we will call back.
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The Bintang Kidul Foundation can be accessed around the world through connecting to our Facebook page. We look forward to keeping you connected and updated on our latest progressions and events.