Yayasan Bintang Kidul

About Us

The Bintang Kidul Foundation was formally established in the spring of 2016, though it has been active and gradually expanding since 2010. The purpose and aspiration of the Bintang Kidul Foundation is to empower children and young people, who come from a disadvantaged socio-economic background, to build a better life for themselves, for their family and for the community.

We believe that education, in its broadest and most holistic sense is the key to building a better life. We believe that through better, deeper and broader learning and understanding of the world comes increased self-awareness, higher self-confidence, a well-structured mind and a big heart, as well.

Thus, the Educational projects through which we work, aim first and foremost, to brighten, to broaden and to deepen our children’s and our youth’s perspective on life to empower them to build a better future.

An overview of our educational projects:

  • Academic: English, Javanese, French, home work support, reading, writing, teaching children with learning difficulties
  • After-school Activities and Workshop: Music, drama, pantomime, drawing, toys and board games, books, film making, photography, and hands-on workshops
  • Sports: Badminton (regular and intensive training clubs and tournaments). Badminton coach or umpire certification with the PBSI, for oldest players
  • Life Coaching and Specialist Therapy: When a child/youth experiences difficulties beyond our ability to help; we seek the help of professional coaches or specialist therapists
  • Scholarships: Elementary school (SD), Middle school (SMP), High school (SMK/SMA), Professional School, University, Private tutoring and Specialized Schools for children with profound difficulties
  • Medical and Good Health Support: Providing healthy meals, nutritional supplements and access to medical treatment
  • Visits and Travel: Traveling and discovering new horizons in and beyond Indonesia by bus, by train or by plane

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